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Idaho is famous for its fishing. More than 10 world-class blue-ribbon wild trout streams, including the Henrys Fork, Silver Creek and the St. Joe River, are scattered throughout the state. Many other high-quality trout streams exist that donít get the headlines and the crowds. Idahoís rugged mountains contain more than 1,500 high mountain lakes with good trout fishing. Numerous large natural lakes and reservoirs provide a wide variety of fishing opportunities for warm and cold-water species. In contrast to some states, most Idaho fishing waters are located in the public domain, and are open to the public. Access is free.

Family Fishing Waters

In response to anglersí requests for more family-oriented fishing opportunities and simplified rules, Fish and Game has developed Family Fishing Water regulations. In these areas there are year-around seasons, a general six-fish limit for trout, bass, walleye and pike and no bag limit on other species. There are no length limits or tackle requirements.

Salmon and Steelhead

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Idaho is the only inland western state with ocean-run salmon and steelhead, and when conditions are right, the hatchery part of these runs provide an exciting fishing experience. State records are 54 pounds for salmon and 30 pounds, 2 ounces for steelhead. Thanks to website for this information about fishing in Idaho.

Idaho Fishing Guides

The Snake River in Idaho offers some great Sturgeon Fishing

White sturgeon

  • Before Pre-historic man walked this earth....the Sturgeon swam in its waters - our modern day Sturgeon is a carryover from those times. Some people say that Sturgeon can live for 50 years......some say 100 years....and a couple say the original species is still alive....swimming around in a land locked lake somewhere in Europe....

  • The White Sturgeon is one of approx. 27 species of Sturgeon.  It is the largest and most recognized and can grow to 20' in length and 2000 pounds in weight.  The Sturgeon of the Pacific North West (Columbia and Fraser Rivers) mature at an older age and larger size - than the Sturgeon of the Sacramento & San Joaquin Rivers. That is one of the reasons for the different size limits of the sturgeon. The size limit was adjusted to protect the female "spawning" sturgeon.

  • The record for the biggest Sturgeon from the SF bay area is 468 lbs. That record "may never be broken because it was set prior to the max. size limit of 72" was set by Joey Pallotta out of Crockett, Ca..  As is common now a days, the conservation of the species is more important than its  record size. Though anglers may argue that point.

Idaho Fishing Reports

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